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We’ve recently rebranded the Afrirent family of brands to what you are seeing on this website.  We’ve selected to visually align our family of brands with the lion. You’ll see the head of a male lion in the Afrirent Holdings logo, a leaping lion in the Fleet Management Businesses, a paw print in the shape of the African continent in the Leisure businesses and a lion’s eye marker in Afritracker.

Yes, we know, logos with lions are a dime a dozen. What, with the power and posture of the king of the jungle how could it not be popular?

However, we have chosen the lion for a different reason which seamlessly slots into our company value system: The lion is also the only member of the feline family that lives in social groups – a close-knit family called a pride, which depends on each other for the prosperity (and survival) of the group.

At Afrirent, we are also a family. We belong. A family who shares the responsibilities of keeping the family healthy. Also a family who realises that together we can bring the biggest, meanest buffalo down. A family that cares for and about each other, our clients and our business of continuously growing this world-class brand we’ve created.

Being part of this pride means that we learn from each other, and continuously learn with each other to be the best team we can be.  Alongside our other values of strength, valour and wisdom our focus on being a family enables us to always strengthen our focus on relationships and professionalism of international standard.

We are proud about what we have achieved as a family, but pride will never stand in the way of this pride’s dedication to each other and our clients.

Mogale City Municipality

Mogale City Municipality

Mogale City is determined to provide its citizens with the best service possible. To assist to honour its promise to its citizens, Mogale City Local Municipality appointed Afrirent to supply, deliver and manage a widely varying fleet of 168 vehicles.

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