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What started in 2003 as a small, 2-truck, home-grown fleet management company has evolved into a world-class group of companies with impact and a footprint in the complete value chain of fleet services. With an extensive fleet of vehicles managed and heavy investment in technology, people and relationships has seen our offering expand into complementary services like car rental, tracking and monitoring, tourism and automotive sales.

Afrirent Holdings was founded in 2017 as the investment company that houses our ever-expanding pride of businesses in the fleet management services and complementary industries.

Afrirent Holdings’ core function is to explore and investigate expansion and growth strategies whilst ensuring that the operating entities not stray from our core competencies and values of valour, wisdom, family and an international standard of professionalism.


Founders and husband and wife team of Senzo and Thenjiwe Tsabedze currently fulfils the roles of Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officers of Afrirent Holdings respectively.  Their combined experience, complimentary skills sets and unwavering dedication to their team and clients have proven to be a formidable force.

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Senzo Tsabedze
Senzo is the founder of Afrirent Holdings and has 16 years’ experience in fleet management solutions and fleet telematics. He founded Indalo Fleet Solutions in 2002 – the first black owned fleet management company in South Africa. He acquired Afrirent Fleet Management in 2006 which he grew into one of the largest fleet management companies in the country. Senzo recently facilitated the Afrirent purchase of shares in 6 auto dealerships bringing the automotive brands represented in the Afrirent stable to include Nissan, Datsun, Toyota, Hyundai, Isuzu and Renault.
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Thenjiwe Tsabedze
Thenjiwe is a qualified auditor with 10 years’ experience in the public sector where she build up and refined an in-depth knowledge and vast understanding of the workings of the public sector. The majority of Afrirent’s clients today are from this sector. Thenjiwe has also served on various risk management and audit committees, both as chairperson and committee member. She officialy joined Afrirent in 2013 to strengthen Corporate Governance and other compliance structures and to ensure that the vision of Afrirent is supported from the financial side.

Senzo and Thenjiwe are passionate about their people – the people they refer to as “our family”, the people whose commitment, dedication and professionalism they describe as the driving force behind the success of Afrirent.


Our growth strategy is based on building on our core competencies and expanding our experience to complementary industries.

Afrirent Holdings is actively developing an organisation that adds value to every node and contact point of the fleet management value chain and expanding into complementary industries reliant on this full fleet management offering.

Our first car rental office is open at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport in Nelspruit with plans to increase our footprint to all major centres and airports across the country and region. This horizontal integration also extends to the travel and tourism industry with Indalo Leisure set up and ready to make its mark in the lucrative international leisure and adventure tourist market.

Furthermore, we have re-packaged our own telematics system for fleet tracking and monitoring into a retail-ready company and are actively exploring growing our vehicle retail arm.


Apart from our extensive and successful internal skills development programmes which empowers employees in an active continuous learning environment, we actively participate in Corporate Social Investment projects, specifically in the communities around our current and new investment footprint.

We recently joined forces with Global Roofing Solutions and the Hicks-Roche, Brown/Moyes and Gibson families to fund a “Raise the Roof” roofing initiative at Jabulani Primary School bordering the Kruger National Park with the Uplands Outreach programme.

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