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What started in 2003 as a small, 2-truck, home-grown fleet management company has evolved into a world-class group of companies with impact and a footprint in the complete value chain of fleet services. With an extensive fleet of vehicles managed and heavy investment in technology, people and relationships has seen our offering expand into complementary services like car rental, tracking and monitoring, tourism and automotive sales.

Afrirent Holdings was founded in 2017 as the investment company that houses our ever-expanding pride of businesses in the fleet management services and complementary industries.

Afrirent Holdings’ core function is to explore and investigate expansion and growth strategies whilst ensuring that the operating entities not stray from our core competencies and values of valour, wisdom, family and an international standard of professionalism.

Afrirent Holdings
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Mogale City Municipality

Mogale City Municipality

Mogale City is determined to provide its citizens with the best service possible. To assist to honour its promise to its citizens, Mogale City Local Municipality appointed Afrirent to supply, deliver and manage a widely varying fleet of 168 vehicles.

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Afrirent Holdings
Afrirent Holdings

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