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Indalo Investment Holdings works with governments and businesses of varying sizes and within all sectors across the South Africa, to help you decide which waste management services, collections and recycling services best fit your needs. From general waste collections, to hazardous waste management, to dry mixed recycling, and much more. No matter what you need from your waste carrier, we are here to help.

If you run a business, or are integral in commercial operations, then we don’t need to tell you that there are a large number of components that help a business run smoothly. Those different components range from recruitment to HR to operations and waste management. The question is, how does having an efficient commercial waste collection and management solution benefit your business?

When disposing of commercial waste, there are  legal requirements that need to be considered as well as operational logistics. These include understanding your commercial waste collection needs, such as bin sizes and collection frequencies as, when these element don’t work together it can have a considerable impact on the day to day running of your business.

At Indalo, we are dedicated to helping you deal with your waste effectively and efficiently. When we start working with you, we offer a free, no obligation, audit to assess how to maximise your waste management system. We also pride ourselves on providing opportunities for landfill diversion through our advanced reprocessing facilities, so you can rest assured knowing your commercial waste has been collected and disposed of as efficiently as possible.

Indalo Investment Holdings

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