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Our recovery success rate is over 90%. Afrirent’s AFRITRACKER telematics system monitors all vehicles via its own control room and contracts recovery through a third party partnership.

Telematics & Live Vehicle Tracking

Track and view vehicles in real time through Track View Creation and Services of Zones. On the Go services by a supervisor uses cell phone based communications directly with the vehicle.

Afrirent’s telematics are unique in providing simple user interfaces, enabling the vehicle to communicate directly with the owner via SMS in real time, proprietary messages which include “Where- aRe-U” (WRU) directly reporting vehicle position to the owner’s cellphone. The owner also has the power to obtain information and position of his vehicle(s) from the 24hr Control Centre: STATUS command provides the real-time status of the vehicle i.e. battery low or battery failure.

Immobiliser enhancement

Our immobiliser enables clients to stop the vehicle via an SMS if irregularities are suspected. Our Ghost Immobiliser is a market-leading security upgrade fitted as a second and separate immobiliser. This untraceable and unobtrusive unit immobilises the vehicle the moment the primary tracking unit is removed.

Afrirent Fleet Management System (fms)

This is a market leading software package for transportation route planning and scheduling. Route planning, vehicle type and vehicle application are critical in the decision making process for fleet policy. The most effective method of facilitating routing and scheduling is through active live tracking. With active live tracking, vehicle stationary times and periods of inactivity can be recorded and used to improve scheduling and utilisation.

Real time reporting will include incorrect routing of vehicles, driver trip authorisations, and exceptions such as abuse and downtime of vehicles. Our System gives you flexibility by allowing your drivers to choose between freeways and alternative routes.

The Fleet Services system is designed to measure and monitor all the vital signs of a vehicle, including the driver, trip start and end times, standing times, distance travelled, odometer readings and driving violations (speeding, over revving, harsh braking, excessive idle and green band driving violations).

Zone Management

A programmable Standard Zone is any dedicated zone that might be of importance to the driver or company. An alarm will be generated if a vehicle enters or leaves this specified zone.

Driver Tags

Knowing exactly who was driving your vehicle at what time measures productivity and keeps your vehicles in check. Driver behaviour and safety management precautions can be derived from the system reporting. The tracking unit is compact and tamperproof: it allows you to control driver access on vehicles (through use of the optional starter circuit interruption) and has a large memory capacity (in excess of 700 trips between downloads) to ensure your data is stored safely and securely.

It is a modular system designed to interface with a selection of existing and future industry standard products, thus protecting your current and future investments. Driver safety can also be improved by monitoring and deterring bad practices, reduce risks of fines and damages caused by incorrect driving habits or overloading.

Fleet Exception Reporting

The Afrirent Fleet Management System records and reports in real-time any deviations from pre-programmed usage and movements of your fleet, enabling you to monitor and take immediate corrective actions with a track-record of such deviations.

Reducing speeding, unauthorised use, over-revving, harsh braking, long idling times, deviations from optimum routes and programmed zones enhances driver safety, protects your current and future investments and enhances productivity and profitability. AFRITRACKER is 100% Black-owned and a member of the Afrirent Holdings Pride.



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